“Affiliate Marketing” program for the TIMECODE brand

Contract terms
Aion Time S.r.l (“Aion Time”), an Italian company located  in Milano, via Lanzone, 31 – 20123
REA Number: MI 2095722 | Tax Code/ VAT: 09519250964
owner of the “TIMECODE” brand
(“the affiliate applicant” and, in case of acceptance, “the affiliate”)
jointly referred to as “the Parties”

  1. Affiliation, effects and duration.

1.1. The “Affiliate Marketing” program for the TIMECODE brand calls for a request by the Affiliate, filling in the membership application form at the web address https://timecodewatches.com/affiliate-register-page/.

Once completed and signed the form, Aion Time reserves the unappellable right of judgment and evaluation of the Affiliate asking the admission to the program.

The subscription request and the accession to the Agreement are free and do not involve any liability and/or economic present and future obligation to the Parties.

1.2. In case of a positive outcome of the admission evaluation to the program, the Affiliate will receive a confirmation at the email address indicated in the affiliate application form along with their credentials for the private members area of the Web site, the style guidelines for the use of brand image and brand products, the identification coupon code and the specifications on the duration and modes of use.

1.3. The affiliate program will be completed and will take effect after the above mentioned confirmation.

1.4. Even after the establishment of the affiliate program, Aion Time Program reserves the right to revoke at any time the Affiliation Agreement in case of breach of these contractual terms of the program or in case of assessments of a supervening incompatibility between the Affiliate and the image of the brand.

The Affiliate may, at any time, decide to terminate the relationship, communicating the decision by email. The fees accrued up to that point will be paid in the manner described in paragraphs 4 and 5 of this contract.


  1. Objectives and terms of the Agreement

2.1. This affiliate program aims to create a temporary partnership between Aion Time and the Affiliates requesting it in the manner referred to in point 1 above. The aim is to forge a link designed to ensure mutual benefits.

For the purpose of this program we call affiliate marketing a collaborative relationship between Aion Time and the Affiliate without any relationship of subordination and/or mutual exclusivity, notwithstanding the effects of the individual sales that the affiliate obtains for Aion Time and that will allow the Affiliate to receive a percentage under the following terms and conditions of affiliate marketing.

2.2. As specified in the next points 3 and 4, sales attributable to the affiliate, where he is entitled to commissions, are uniquely associated to him/her through the “coupon codes” system and guaranteed and certified by the AffiliatePro WordPress technology.

2.3. By joining the program, the Affiliate declares to be a professional, within the meaning of the Consumer Code and to this end he/she agrees to send to Aion Time the tax references needed to the economic treatment of the affiliation relationship.


  1. Operative modes and guidelines

3.1. In order to facilitate the affiliate in the production of original content for promotional reasons, Aion Time may, at its discretion, arrange, at its own expense, sending to the Affiliate a gift product from the catalog of the Timecode brand.

3.2. The affiliate, in order to promote sales of the brand’s products and within the style guidelines provided while accepting the bid, agrees to share on at least one of its public profiles present on the “social networks” platforms and reported at the sign up, at least one “post” (original photograph and text) with the following characteristics:

3.2.1. an original image of the product sent by Aion Time srl with highlighted and well recognizable even in the ‘thumbnail’ form viewable on the aggregation layout and preview of public posts (for example, the square format generated by the automatic preview of Instagram or Facebook “timeline”);

3.2.2. a description / caption / title / subtitle describing the instructions for use, in the terms of the order definition (Check-Out), the Coupon discount code that uniquely identifies the affiliate and allows them to ripen the ceiling commissions on sales improved.

3.3. Any direct links (links) may be published through clickable banners or hyperlinks. They can be routed directly to the home page of the official Timecode website (https://timecodewatches.com/) or forwarded to a specific page of a given product. If connections are made to individual products the Affiliate should carefully check that they are actually available for Aion TIme.

3.4. Aion Time assumes no responsibility for any errors in the descriptions of the items in the event of unauthorized use, by the Affiliate, of text, quotes, photographic reproductions and not, or any other visual or audiovisual material protected by the Copyright Laws and used by partners, violating it.

3.5. The Affiliate is fully responsible for the development, management and maintenance of his/her site, the profiles linked to it on the “social networks” platforms and all elements used for the promotion of the Aion Time products. Aion Time accepts no responsibility for any damage or expense arising from the development, management, and maintenance of the partner website content.

3.6. Aion Time is committed to maintaining at his own expense the official web site of the Timecode brand at https://timecodewatches.com/ fully functional and operational, except in cases of force majeure or interruptions due to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. In any case Aion Time will not be held responsible for any of the consequences of such interruptions.


  1. Fees Calculation

4.1. As provided in the paragraph 2 above, once established the Affiliate program, Aion Time will make an Affiliate private area of the web site through which, with its own private credentials, the Affiliate will be able to verify and monitor its position (bank statement, associated orders, etc).

4.2. Aion Time will also provide a unique Affiliate Code (“Coupon”), guaranteed by proprietary and third party AffiliatePro WordPress technology, which will certify the fees payable to the Affiliate for each sale concluded by customers identified via the above coupon, commissions that are established in following terms: 20% on the price of published and available products, excluding VAT and any discounts (including that generated by the affiliate Coupon).

     In no event the Parties can claim an amount of purchases which is different from those certified by the AffiliatePro plugin of the WordPress platform.

4.3. No commissions will be paid on orders paid using affiliate commissions and for products, whose order lines are cancelled due to sudden lack of the product itself without any fault by Aion Time.


  1. Billing and payments

5.1. The Affiliate, on the basis of the statement available in his/her private area and with reference to the related month, will be required to issue an invoice or receipt (in case of a natural person) for the affiliation results.

5.1.1. If the person is tax-resident in Italy, the Affiliate shall declare the applicable taxation regime (minimum, ordinary tax, regular exporter regime etc.) and the commissions, unless otherwise indicated by the Affiliate, will be subject to withholding tax that shall be displayed on the invoice.

5.1.2. In the event that the Affiliate is not subject to the Italian law, the same, whether he/she is a natural person or a legal person, undertakes to issue a tax document complying with the tax laws of their original country.

5.2. The payment of the invoice (or any other accounting document) issued by the Affiliate will be made by Aion Time by bank transfer or Paypal within 30 days of receipt of the accounting document.

5.3. Amounts lower than € 30.00 will be retained and will not be disclosed until a later statement when the sum of the commissions earned exceed € 30.00 or until termination of this agreement.

      6. Privacy Policy

The Parties mutually agree to safeguard their privacy in accordance with Art. 13 of the Legislative Decree. 196/2003. The data collected is mutually and exclusively used and will not be disclosed to third parties.


  1. Issues or information about this contract

In order to solve any doubt or ask for information on the content and/or interpretation of this contract, the affiliate applicant or the affiliate can send an e-mail to [email protected]


  1. Potential disputes

This agreement is governed by Italian law and any dispute will be settled by the Court of Milan, after all efforts made in a civil and commercial arbitration according to the guidelines of the Legislative Decree no. 28/10 ss.mm.ii. at an Arbitration body selected according to the local jurisdiction criteria laid down by this Decree.